VOXXY provides 24-hour AI Live commerce, AI-powered sales script generation, multi-platform streaming, unified comment and order capture across platforms, and comprehensive results tracking within a single platform.


Get more Engagement for Sale Product


Get more Customer on your business.


Get more Benefit (Cost cheaper + Revenue Gain) on your product.


More efficient life and less time.

24 Hours Live with AI
Stream 24/7 effortlessly with our platform! Keep your audience engaged non-stop. Elevate your content anytime, anywhere!
Social Comment and Order Capturing
Get ready to your customers with our Order Capturing feature! Help you to capture comment to be orders.
Sale Script Generative
Craft compelling sales scripts effortlessly with our platform's Sale Script Generative feature. Save time, maintain consistency, and drive results in minutes.
End-to-End Omni Ch. Order Management
We conclude everything for you. Here in Voxxy Platform Never miss any orders. Sell quickly. Reduce work!
Multi-Channel Live Commerce
Shop seamlessly across channels. Connect, engage, and buy effortlessly.
Assisting you in effortlessly managing stock orders and streaming across multiple platforms simultaneously, all within Voxxy's comprehensive solution.

How its work

Struggle with bland live commerce content and language barriers? Find your brand voice and unlock endless possibilities with AI! Generate persuasive sales scripts, create engaging live commerce that resonates with your customers, offer seamless

Overview Features

VOXXY empowers busy businesses with 24/7 AI live commerce assistants, personalized scripts, and unified order capture for effortless selling and maximized profits.

AI-Power Live Stream

Create a Personalized -
Generated Animated Avatar

Boost engagement with unique, personalized animated characters! Generate your GDPR(PDPA)-secure avatar with expressive emotions that connect with your audience.

Muti Platform Order Capturing

Never Miss An Order or
Sale Again!

Instantly capture orders, convert comments into sales, uncover priceless customer insights, and reduce manual work by 50% across your live streams with our all-in-one platform -supporting Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live, Twitch Live, and more! Boost your live commerce success today!